Excel Links 


This page contains a variety of links to other pages which have useful information about Microsoft Excel.

Also see the "Additional Resources For Excel Users" page. 

In addition to the supplied links, you may also want to read the Usenet newsgroups that deal with Excel.

  • microsoft.public.excel.charting  
  • microsoft.public.excel.misc
  • microsoft.public.excel.programming
  • microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions
  • comp.apps.spreadsheets.

If you're having problems posting to the microsoft.public groups going through your ISP's local news server, try connecting directly to the Microsoft server: msnews.microsoft.com.  The procedures for doing this vary depending on your software, but will probably by found under the "Tools" or "Options" menu item.  In Microsoft Outlook Express, set up a new "Account" to link directly to the msnews.microsoft.com server. Also see Direct Connections To MSNEWS.

If you're new to the newsgroups, please read the New Poster's Guide for some simple suggestions
and tips about posting.

You may also want to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide for the comp.apps.spreadsheets newsgroup, available at

The Microsoft Excel home page is a great place to start

Microsoft's on-line support page is a good source to find answers to specific questions.

Rather than attempt to maintain a complete list of Excel Links, I refer you to John Walkenbach's Excel Links page, the best I've seen:


There is no formal FAQ for Excel.  However, John Walkenbach has written the "unofficial" FAQ,
available at http://j-walk.com/ss/excel/faqs/xl97faq.htm .

Some of the best Excel-related sites on the Web are listed below:

John Walkenbach's "SpreadSheet Page" http://www-j-walk.com/ss

Office Automation , Stephen Bullen's site: http://www.oaltd.co.uk 

Baarns Consulting Group, http://archive.baarns.com 

Mr. Excel's  site: http://www.mrexcel.com

Excel Users site: http://www.exceluser.com

Bob Phillips' http://www.xldynamic.com

A quite comprehensive list of links to specific articles on my site, Mr. Excel's site, and John Walkenbach's site
can be found at Mr. Excel's Articles Page.

If you do a lot of work in Microsoft Word, our MVP pals in the Word group have put together an absolutely fantastic FAQ site, hosted by MVPs.org.  The MVPs.org site also has links to most of the sites maintained by other MPVs, so if you're looking for a site like this, but for another MS application, start at MVPs.org.

For those interested in Microsoft MapPoint, I would very strongly recommend that you spend some time at MP2K - The Magazine For MapPoint. This is the best source of MapPoint information on the web, for end users and developers alike.

If you've even been frustrated by trying to paste a URL into a email message, only to find that the URL is three lines long and your email program terminates the link after the first line, there is a solution.  Go to www.MakeAShorterLink.com .  This is a "redirection" service, entirely free of charge, and without advertising.  It will transform the link




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